Crafting Gentleness

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What ish my words?

I think one of my most important words is still 'gentleness', as it's something that I will never stop trying to learn. For me, it represents my greatest challenge, if only because it issues that challenge to me in every moment of my life, in every aspect of my life, in every relationship I become aware of. But I don't like to think of there being only one word, as I think it's also important for me to work on a principle of what I think of as 'multiple vocabularies'; by hanging out with as many different words as I can that associate with what I want to think about, engage with, talk about, do, I sort of gather a helpful cloud of shifting meaning around myself that keeps me thinking that the words may still (and ever) be less important than the attitude. Words like '(unhelpful) elimination of uncertainty', 'colour', 'tone', 'invitation', 'participation', 'attitude', 'fluffy bunny rabbit', are some of them.

I find that certain words come and go from my little cloudeen, to the extent that some may jar in particular circumstances, and I occasionally recalibrate as I go along. I was talking to someone yesterday and they said something to the tune of, "*sharp intake of breath* You'd better be careful with some of those words. They can cut, some of those words, I don't know what half of them mean, and you're swishing them around like samurai swords!" It was said half in jest, but I take such noticings quite seriously, and I will be a little more vigilant next time perhaps. I'll work it out as I go along, and, as my attitude shifts, certain words, certain ways of phrasing, certain approaches will seem more or less appropriate to me depending on circumstance, I suppose.


  • Gentleness is a very challenging word for me as well. It is hard to remember to be gentle sometimes. Since I started writing on this blog I have become more conscious of this word and will find myself saying..."mmm...I am not being very gentle right now and I will soften.

    Gratitude is another of my favorite words. Sometimes I am able to work myself up to very deep states of gratitude and it moves me to such a deep place.

    By Blogger Shelley, at Wednesday, 06 September, 2006  

  • I'm beginning to get to know 'gratitude'. I think 'respect' is another one for me, pretty crucial over the last while, incredibly challenging when it comes to acknowledging how people or situations happen to be how they happen to be.

    By Blogger Anthony, at Thursday, 07 September, 2006  

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