Crafting Gentleness

Monday, August 28, 2006


It seems that when I write, one insight begets the next. I seems if I don't express something, the next insight won't come. I have been thinking about my last post here about how I love the intensity of creativity.

One thing that came to me today as I will never guess...doing that I have somewhat of an addiction to inspiration. What I mean is that I am always searching for it, creating it, longing for it. I have an impatience for the ordinary....the dailiness, the routine tasks of everyday life. I have a restlessness that does not feel very gentle.

I turned 40 yesterday and I made a commitment to begin meditating and to deepen into the ordinary aspects of my life more. A dear friend gave me some fabulous meditation tapes based on balancing both sides of the brain with sound. I have had some pretty deep meditations with them already. It was from this balanced state that I did the dishes. I made tea. I carefully washed each pot and watched the birds outside the window. It felt effortless and ordinary and gentle.


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