Crafting Gentleness

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Score one for gentleness

Anthony assured me I don't have to be a mental giant to post here...and I have a cold today, so I'm really not gigantic in any sense, except for my swollen sinuses.

I've been fighting an ongoing battle in trying to teach my 17-month-old daughter Miriam to be gentle with our pets, a Newfoundland dog named Howie and a cat named Poopie (don't ask).

Miriam, in typical toddler fashion, loves to body-slam, poke eyes, pull tails and otherwise assault the animals, and I'm constantly telling her "gentle, gentle, with Howie."

This morning we had a breakthrough. Miriam walked up to Howie, stared him straight in the eyes, and gently patted him on the nose. She then gave him a big hug around his huge head, was rewarded with a drooly lick, and walked away. I almost cheered.


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