Crafting Gentleness

Friday, August 25, 2006

Creating. Walking. Dishes.

I quite enjoy this sharing on gentleness. I feel most gentle when I am working with others and facilitating art groups, and finding creative ways to get people to be creative. Something about a creative process unfolding. It is such a miracle to me. It is so your mountains Soooz.

I worked with my elderly art group today. Old age seems to be a gentle, graceful time. It helps....I am sure... that they are living in the finest care facility in the city. They eat in a formal dining room, have art therapy, music therapy, live entertainment such as drum circles and magicians. They are rather a happy and satiated bunch overall.

I too find walking a form of gentleness therapy. I have 3 big dogs and I enjoy long solitary walks along the river. it is a good way to get back into my breathing body although sometimes my mind is going so fast and furiously, it takes a good half hour to settle down.

Now if only I could find gentleness therapy in dishes! I love to cook but I create a vast creative mess and everyone in my family protests that I don't clean as I go! . Every cupboard door is open. Spices spontaneously spill over on the counters. The floor is covered with bits of cilanto and stray carrot tops. I can't seem to stop to clean...I must get the spicing just right.

My lack of gentleness seems to come from trying to fit too much creative activity into one day. Rest is good for balance. Essential.


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