Crafting Gentleness

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Family

I'm rediscovering breathwork as a way of staying present through times that I don't want to be gentle (ie an alternative to passing out!)

The other night we did this wonderful exercise where we used clay to represent our family and what we felt about them. Now I know I'm a bit different (often said derisively but felt internally as 'wow, that's cool, I'm honouring my own self')...Anyhoo...

..everyone else did figurines, people, humanoid creatures and I, me, the different one, did a landscape of mountains and rivers...

The large mountains as my grandfathers and grandmothers (from USA/scotland and UK/ireland)and the smaller ones as the satellites of our family (like an archepelago)

The ocean waves as those people that come in and out of my life (still family) and the rivers as the course of my life through the landscape.

I also made new mountains around me for those who are not blood related but are family (waves at Ant *g*)... and large tracks of unknown lands for the bits of little known ancestry the danish, the african, the north american indian, the polish/russian. I also spoke of how the landscape is my family, me part of it, and it part of me... I realised that the vision of permaculture retreat I have and wish to create, has mountain, ocean and river very much a part of it. A picture of the landscape of family, in front of me.

I just remember everyone looking at me with a mixture of awe and dumbfoundedness.... (insight) that's how I remain gentle, I'm related to everything. Big responsibility, lovely feeling...



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