Crafting Gentleness

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm on my travels at the moment, driving around Scotland and England in my car, tenting and sofa-ing and bedrooming, hanging out with good friends, making new ones, dancing in kitchens at one in the morning with martini cocktails in hand, learning to play the cardgame s'head, finding out the my sister was right (cheap tents with only one layer let in the rain), learning that my Spanish isn't half as rusty as I thought it was and that I wish to spend a lot more time in sunny Spain including doing the Camino de Santiago, possibly in stages, discovering that hay bales don't make me sneeze, encountering a verse of a song that I never knew about, mourning the loss of an admired colleague, celebrating the marriage of my sister and her now husband, writing (bits of) songs again, beginning to read John McGahern short stories and realising that I should have done that long ago because his writing really works for me, thinking about how a genuinely loving heart can get swamped by circumstances, looking forward to what will be a pretty zany few days with two of my mates, aiming to spend a magical few days in London, hoping that silences dissolve into smiles, and still writing, still writing.

and from John McGahern ...

"Nearly all good writing is suggestion and all bad writing is statement".


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