Crafting Gentleness

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Way

Hello All,

First post. Yes I actually worked out how to do it (hooray *g*).

Soooz here: posting from sunny Sydney Australia. Sitting in my room, which is still a mess after moving in a few weeks ago. My cat Mishi is watching my fingers type and is being lulled into a stupor, or perhaps she is going to pounce? It's a lazy Sunday morning: except that I have to tidy my room and make it somewhat functional. Had my first coffee, second one is on the way.

I was wondering... 'wonder-ing' about gentleness and what it means to me. After all we still, in the english language, have the expression 'gentle'man but it seems 'gentle'woman is no longer part of the vocabulary. Without starting a battle of the sexes does that mean woman are naturally gentle and men are not? (goodness...)

After my womens spirituality group meeting yesterday, I made a pact with myself to approach this first post with a 'beginners mind' a return to innocence.

What keeps coming up for me is how 'gentle'ness is ingrained in spiritual teachings. In the eastern traditions it is 'yoga: a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are'. It is also called the 'tao: the way, that the world is not a setter of traps but a teacher of valuable lessons. Its lessons need to be learned just as its laws need to be followed. Rather than turn away from the world of dust one would join the dust of the world'.

Although very much a pagan (neo-pagan) of the Celtic traditions ('an harm no one, do what you will') as an ex Christian 'the ten commandments' also speak of these gentle truths of how to co-create existance in 'harmony' - not one voice but many.

My absolute favourite for 'gentle' instruction is buddism. The eightfold path: Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration. You need to choose your thoughts wisely, your thoughts determine your speech, your speech determines your action, your action creates the world.

Being someone who finds the dualism of right and wrong rather tedious: I am going to rename the paths to 'enough'. Enough understanding, enough thought, enough speech, enough action... and so on. I think it was Kathryn herself *tips hat to Kathryn* who sent me a lovely email about having enough.

Having enough happiness to make life worth living, having enough sadness to savour the good stuff, enough love, enough money, enough....

My flatmate Viv has just popped her head through the door to ask 'if I'm winning' well yes, but I do need to do my room now. My cat has moved, I must also go...

Love to all, merry meet, it's good to be here.


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