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Monday, March 30, 2009

PEACE MEDIA Clearinghouse

PEACE MEDIA Online Clearinghouse for Conflict Management-Related Multimedia

Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution Program and USIP have created an online database of multimedia resources related to conflict management, as well as best practices for designing and using them. The resources include films, radio and TV programs, video games, music, and more. Many of these materials are accompanied by teaching guides that help educators and conflict management practitioners facilitate discussion or community action.

The goal of this clearinghouse is to provide a central site where individuals and organizations working in the conflict management field can access materials that support conflict analysis and prevention, conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation. At the same time, the site will encourage development of the field itself by distilling best practices for creating and using multimedia in support of conflict management activities.

The multimedia tools in the database are drawn from conflict management activities around the world, developed by a wide range of talent from non-governmental organizations, academia, and the private sector. Some were generated specifically for peacemaking purposes, while others are simply explorations of conflicts or issues that we believe can be useful to those trying to understand or manage conflict.


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