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Monday, February 11, 2008

informal education in Chicago

From Daniel Tucker, Editor - AREA Chicago:

Last summer/Fall AREA Chicago Art/Research/Education/Activism ( produced a summer long series to explore informal educational practices in the city entitled How We Learn as part of an exhibit entitled the Pedagogical Factory

Following this series they published one of their Biannual "Local Reader" publications on the same theme - exploring the relationship between education and social movements. As always, they used the local lens to explore these larger questions. This issue was inspired by the events they produced as well as the incredible amount of left-oriented educational projects going on in the city - from informal reading groups to public school teachers networking to create radical curriculum distribution projects.

"How We Learn" is published online here
Some of the texts that may be of particular interest include:

How We Learn - a transcript of our first discussion about surveying the informal adult education opportunities in the city:

Can Experimental Cultural Centers Replace MFA programs? by Mike Wolf of Mess Hall

Health Care, Self Care - exploring local women's health education projects by Lisa Sousa

The Myth of School Choice - An interview by Daniel Tucker with Chicago Public School teachers about neoliberal reforms


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