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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The true stories of television betrayal

Phil Collins: the return of the real

"From the fixed phone-in quiz to the manipulated reality show, from Richard and Judy to A Year with the Queen, it has been a turbulent year for television. Indeed, Jeremy Paxman chose to devote this year's MacTaggart lecture to a controversial "plea for the soul of television." Many believe this crisis of trust has at last opened the door on the smoke and mirrors world of TV production, which has always relied on an element of artifice and cunning to engineer a sense of reality. In his new and timely exhibition - the return of the real - Phil Collins investigates the postdocumentary culture which reality television has come to epitomise, and the accompanying issues of authenticity and illusion, intimacy and inaccuracy, expectation and betrayal."

Who: Phil Collins
What: The Return of the Real
Where: Victoria Miro Gallery,16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW
By tube: Old Street and Angel
When: Continues until Sat 10 Nov 2007, open Tue to Sat, 10am to 6pm, admission free


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