Crafting Gentleness

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Don't go into the light!"

I've been reading Derrick Jensen's book Endgame: Resistance. His A Language Older Than Words is one of my favourite books. I have yet to finish the current one, but the first few pages suggest to me that Derrick's thoughtful engagement with the dynamics of violence on our planet has led him, at least in his language and thinking, to double back into those same dynamics, to dance with the people whose vision of the world he seeks to challenge, to some extent. I'm sure he would disagree with this, but his stereotypes of undualistic approaches to violence (which he characterises as still being dualistic, demonstrating that he doesn't really get the point) are too glib to be convincing, for me. I'll probably write more on this as I read further.


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