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Saturday, January 20, 2007

delurking ...

Llij was wondering what's been going on with me. At the moment, lots of admin and marking of exam and essay scripts. Such is the life of the academic in between semesters.

I've been working really hard over Christmas on becoming more relaxed, more of a listener, better eater, etc. and it seems to be bearing fruit, though I have my slips. The place I'm in right now is a lot better than I was in before Christmas for many reasons, and I'm glad. I'm starting to play the guitar again, and learning a few new chord changes which is good for my beginner's mind. I may be about to buy a surfboard - turns out there are 4 keen surfers in my wee town, one of whom co-runs the surf shop - so the summer could involve a lot of exercise and wind and water.

I've been keeping half an eye on the incubator that is the Big Brother household in England. I haven't really been watching the show, but I have been following the debates and the international diplomatic incidents that have resulted from the show. It has long been surmised, indeed experimentally shown, that sticking people in a highly monitored, highly regulated, emotionally intense box will lead to unhelpful behaviours of various sorts. Futurist writers have suggested that suicide in the likes of the Big Brother household is on its way should the show develop in years to come, but this year we got to see bullying, racist abuse, and panic attacks. Never mind the parliament discussions and the near-riots in India. Constructing this environment is always likely to bring consequences such as the ones that happened, or worse. All for the sake of TV ratings, celebrity exposure, and advertising revenue.


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