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Friday, January 19, 2007

the peculiar psychological grip war exerts on us

"So these are, in crude summary, the theories of war which modern wars have left us with: That war is a means, however risky, by which men seek to advance their collective interests and improve their lives. Or, alternatively, that war stems from subrational drives not unlike those that lead individuals to commit violent crimes. In our own time, most people seem to hold both views at once, avowing that war is a gainful enterprise, intended to meet the material needs of the groups engaged in it, and, at the same time, that it fulfills deep and "irrational" psychological needs. There is no question about the first part of this proposition - that wars are designed, at least ostensibly, to secure necessaries like land or oil or "geopolitical advantage." The mystery lies in the peculiar psychological grip war exerts on us." Barbara Ehrenreich, Blood Rites (1997).


  • So interesting...I just put Barbara Ehrenreich's other books, Nickel and Dimed and Dancing in the Streets on my Amazon wish list. She was recommended to me by someone else.

    But how about some personal stuff...what's been going on with you?? ;)

    By Blogger Llij, at Friday, 19 January, 2007  

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