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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Cultural Work of Corporations

"The Cultural Work of Corporations argues that corporate culture—the values, customs, and conventions of a business organization—has altered how workers conduct themselves both inside and outside the workplace. Brown demonstrates that corporate culture, an idea celebrated by business magazines and books, human resources departments, executives, and management theorists, is really a means of extending and strengthening work's presence in all aspects of workers' lives, even aspects generally categorized as private."

“Despite its pervasiveness and power, few nonspecialists take corporate culture as seriously as it should be taken. Brown is an excellent exception. Her important book reminds us that corporate social norms shape how people behave and the dizzying bubble and bust cycles of postmodern capitalism. And she also shows that behind the crunchiest New Age talk about flexibility and diversity lies the old Social Darwinism in snazzy disguise, a crucial bit of truth-telling that the flacks don't want you to hear.”—Doug Henwood, editor of Left Business Observer and author of After the New Economy


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