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Friday, July 11, 2008

La Revue du M.A.U.S.S.

"La Revue du M.A.U.S.S. was launched in 1981 by a handful of French academics working in sociology, economics or anthropology. They resented the path which was being imposed to social sciences at the time, notably their submission to an omnipotent economic model. They disagreed with an exclusively instrumental vision of democracy and social relationships.

"The reference to Marcel Mauss and the critics of utilitarianism which fired the École Sociologique in the wake of Émile Durkheim enabled to muster critical energies in a sufficiently clear and explicit manner. Thus, a non-profit organization was created which proceeded at once to publish a review. Since its early and very modest origins, this review was meant as a link and discussion tool, able to withstand the theoretical stakes of the project, but also to welcome non-academics, militants and every person eager to think away from chapel constraints and academic gibbering.

"From a fairly amateurish quarterly, Le Bulletin du MAUSS (1982-1988) became La Revue du MAUSS trimestrielle after La Découverte publishing house took over its production process in 1988, and, since 1993, has turned into La Revue du MAUSS semestrielle, a twice-yearly publication

"As years went by, the initial handful of followers turned into a wider audience, attracting readers and writers alike from other countries. From its initial critical posture, La Revue du MAUSS contributed to the creation of a wide panel of theories and papers all linked by what came to be known as the gift paradigm. This helped set La Revue du MAUSS as the organ of a new current of thought among social sciences and political philosophy."

(Thanks, Jacques)


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