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Monday, April 07, 2008

A momentous week

I have started conversations about gentleness with local nursing researchers and mental health care practitioners about the intersection of my politics of gentleness work with what they are doing.

After watching one of Professor Kathy Sykes' excellent Alternative Therapies TV programmes on the BBC, I've made contact with the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy team at the University of Oxford. They're interested in chatting, but are deep in clinical trials at the moment. They referred me to Professor Paul Gilbert at the University of Derby/Kingsway Mental Health Research Unit, who has edited a collected volume on Compassion, and he's one of the leading lights in the area of compassion research. There's a book review of some of his work here. After I emailed them to thank them for the programme, Kathy Sykes' producer also said he would be help to facilitate any conversations he could, which was lovely.

I received an email saying hi from Holly Stevens at The Storyteller and the Listener Online.

Professor Stuart Hill (see below) gave his last public talk before what I'm guessing will be a very active retirement :)

A friend (thanks, Ursula) forwarded me the following inspirational talk by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on

I've started playing and singing in public again after a number of years not doing it; a couple of songs at a concert for the silver band I play with, and a couple of songs at local Sunday Session for the EchoEcho Dance company.

I've started formally outlining my own programme of gentleness research for the next few years for myself. It's pretty broad, but if the support I've been getting from people so far is anything to go by, I should just trust the process and take a leap of some sort sometime soon.


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