Crafting Gentleness

Friday, July 06, 2007

What makes sense

"We make choices in great measure based on how we see the world. If you see the world in a particular way, it can make some sort of sense to sell your life to a job you do not love. Otherwise no one would do it. Similarly, there are lenses you can look through that make it seem reasonable to deforest. There are lenses through which it makes sense for child abusers to abuse, and for rapists to rape: there are reasons these people make the choices they do. It is possible to perceive the world such that you choose to drop bombs on people from 30,000 feet, and it is possible to perceive the world such that you choose to pay for those bombs. It is possible to perceive yourself and others such that it makes sense to destroy the planet in order to make money and amass power, to perpetuate and make grow an economic system. None of this is to say these are wise choices: it's to say they're choices. It's also to stress, once again, how often unquestioned assumptions frame our choices. If we wish to make different choices we must smash the frames that constrain us. We must, if we care about our own lives, and if we care about the life of the planet, begin to remember how to think critically, how to think for ourselves."

Derrick Jensen, Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution (2004)


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