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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Clearing Clutter

I've been getting into clearing clutter. Roughly 10 kilos has been reused/recycled and passed on. Probably about 10 more to go.

I've been enjoying the 'psychology' of letting go. Getting rid of:
- Clothes that don't fit means accepting my body shape.
- Stupit trinkets that someone gave me, means admitting that a trinket doesn't represent their love for me.
- Stuff from friends long gone doesn't means admitting I can't keep them with me.
- Projects I never finished, means admitting they are not going to get finished.

and so forth. Clearing clutter is about getting real honest!!!

However, the inner wrestling that I do to get stuff out the door - but i might need it (the universe is plentiful and I receive everything I need) but It's expensive (then someone who needs it will sell it and get the money they need)....

Man when I open that hatch on the charity bin and put that stuff in and then walk back to my car unencumbered it's like taking a great big psychological dump!!! (can I say that here? *g*)

And since I"ve been doing it all sorts of lovely synchronicities have reappeared in my life, because there's space now.



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