Crafting Gentleness

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I now have a dog. Didn't mean to get one. She just turned up. I named her Cassy, as we have a family tradition of naming dogs Cappy ('Capitan') going back a number of doggy generations. Cappy was a guy's name, so Cassy she is. The tradition continues, sort of. She's much bigger than I would have ever wanted (she can't read or switch on a computer, so I doubt she'll get offended), a greyhoundish mongrelish doggie, and she's young and strong and boundy. She'll get checked out at the vet today, and then I'll let her into the house. I'm guessing Nila (the cat) won't be all that happy! but I am intended to let Cassy have the run of the backyard and the garden for the most part, while Nila gets the house.


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