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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quiet Is Freedom

By Kenneth Maue

All things I love dwell in quiet. I don't mean total lack of sound, which is rare, and never perfect anyhow since we hear our own heartbeat, breathing, and nerves when other noises fade, but the soft, sparse body of sound we hear in nature, empty rooms, and the deep of night. ... (more)


  • "On the same boat on which I arrived in 1926, the first loudspeaker was landed on the island. Few people there had ever heard of such a thing. Up to that day, all men and women had spoken with more or less equally powerful voices. Henceforth this would change. Henceforth the access to the microphone would determine whose voice shall be magnified. Silence now ceased to be in the commons; it became a resource for which loudspeakers compete. Language itself was transformed thereby from a local commons into a national resource for communication. As enclosure by the lords increased national productivity by denying the individual peasant to keep a few sheep, so the encroachment of the loudspeaker has destroyed that silence which so far had given each man and woman his or her proper and equal voice. Unless you have access to a loudspeaker, you now are silenced."

    Illich, 'Silence is a Commons'

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