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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Still moving house

Hence the gentle pace of this blog of late (geddit?). It's a long transition, so this blog might be a little slow for another month or so. It's not dead in the water, just biding time.


  • still moving is the key... and i am glad you are taking so much advantage of your spacial (and political) positioning. i am looking forward to catching news and updates... the idea of 'house' sounds like shelter as absolute positioning. it somehow sounds wrong in a mouth of so much fluidity... but perhaps a little shelter to nurture the comfort of blogging... is the type of ideal future life is holding for us. and in the end, the blog fad will have to do to replace well missed conversations. so ta for inviting us...
    a little story on being present...
    my cat has grown used to omnipresent musical weirdness in the house, which add to an already busy sonic environment. only on rare occasions does an ear twitch show vague interest in the most unusual sonic events but overall coolness is a cat's poise. well, the old gutter rambler still gets freaked by the sound of a (real) horn in the room and somehow remembered how to squeaze through a catflap in no time (on meeting this soprano sound)... and that is unusual. an effect that the most cutting edge technology in sound capture, manipulation and reproduction cannot achieve...
    i wish you had not elaborated the double meow technique, though. cos when the catflap is idle, there's triple begging meows competitions... (which include soprano wails)
    xxx rv

    By Blogger sndsukinspook, at Tuesday, 11 July, 2006  

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